Academic Tutoring

Academic Tutoring

Every student has a unique learning style and academic path, and we believe each has the potential to succeed. Marks Education tutors specialize in creating one-on-one, customized tutoring programs designed to support and challenge middle and high school students. Our tutors are professional educators with extensive classroom and tutoring experience. This allows us to understand the core skills that go into excelling in math, science, history, English, and other academic coursework.

We start by diagnosing any existing weaknesses in skills or comprehension, and we ask questions to discover parent and student goals. Then, we create a customized tutoring program to raise grades, strengthen skills and grow confidence.  In addition to academic subject areas, we frequently work with students to improve study skills, including time management coaching, presentation of memorization techniques, and advice on communicating constructively with teachers and professors.

Our students improve in skills, grades, and scores, but we are most proud of their growth in confidence and enthusiasm for learning. One-on-one tutoring sidesteps the classroom dynamic. It allows students to openly discuss their questions, pushes them to try harder, and gives them the time to practice those areas most useful for them.

Subjects Tutored: Algebra, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Economics, English, Geometry, Geography, Government, History, Math, Pre-Caclulus, Physics, Spanish, Study Skills, Writing and more.


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