Effects of COVID-19 on Standardized Testing

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An Update on Standardized Testing As COVID-19 has impacted school and work, its impact can be felt in many aspects of the college admission process, especially in the administration of the SAT and ACT. Many testing centers were forced to cancel tests over the spring and summer, leaving students, especially seniors, in a difficult position…. Read more »

Check the Facts When Taking an SAT or ACT Baseline Test

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  I have to take the SAT or ACT.  Where do I start? So, your colleges of choice are asking for SAT or ACT test scores. Taking an SAT or ACT baseline test is one of the first things you should do before applying to a college that requires SAT or ACT scores. Which baseline… Read more »

How to Ace the ACT Science When You’re Not a “Science Person”

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Here’s a little secret to begin my blog on the ACT Science section: I never enjoyed learning about science in school.  Reading scientific papers and performing experiments has always been stressful for me.  Thankfully, my high-school performance in AP Science courses exempted me from having to take a science course in college.  I buried myself… Read more »

The New MCAT: Prepare to Succeed

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The new MCAT has an intimidating reputation.It is now nearly twice as long as it used to be, and for the first time, it has added questions on psychology, sociology, and more advanced biochemistry concepts. Furthermore, in order to promote critical thinking over cramming, the test-makers have changed their question format, pushing students to combine… Read more »

The True Performance Enhancing Drug? Sleep.

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Nine GMAT Study Tips

At Marks Education, we talk a lot about the importance of sleep. With our clients, we regularly cite sleep studies that discuss the benefits of a full night’s rest to help manage stress, improve performance on standardized tests, and maintain a student’s general health. We visibly cringe, as we did a few days ago, when… Read more »

Trends in Selective College Admissions, 2014-15

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Large applicant pools and low admit rates at our nation’s top universities have made 2014-15 the most competitive and unpredictable college admissions year ever. For selective colleges, especially, the numbers are daunting. NYU reported over 60,000 applicants, marking the eighth year in a row with record-breaking numbers. Cornell, Brown, and Yale all reported some of their… Read more »

Top Four Reasons to Consider Attending “Uni” in the U.K.

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Top Four Reasons to Consider Attending “Uni” in the U.K. Do you crave international experience? Are you a serious student who knows what you want to study? Do you think finishing your undergraduate degree in three years sounds great? If you answer yes to some of these questions, then you should consider going to university,… Read more »

An Insider’s Insights on Admissions

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An Insider’s Insights on Admissions: In this new feature, we present one staffer’s advice to help guide families through the admissions process. Christina Morris presents ideas for parents arranging their child’s testing schedule and thinking about the best college fit for their child. When is the “right time” for families to start working with Marks… Read more »