Tips for Peak Performance on Test Day

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Taking a Gap Year

How to maximize your performance when taking the SAT or ACT! As you enter the final stretch of your SAT or ACT preparation, make sure to review what you should be doing the week before, the night before and the day of the final exam.  Don’t let a forgotten admission ticket or a late photo… Read more »

Why You Should Take the GRE General Test at Home

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Taking the GRE at home

Taking the GRE at home  proves to be a stress-free experience Due to the shutdown of many test centers that offer the GRE, ETS began offering a GRE General Test at Home (“At Home GRE”) option in late Spring 2020. The test is identical in content, format and on-screen experience to the GRE General Test… Read more »

Meditation Three-part Series: What Meditation App Works For You?

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benefits, benefits of meditation

  Meditation App Review Part One – Insight Timer App   The benefits of meditation can’t be overstated. Studies show that regular meditation practice reduces stress, anxiety and other mental health issues such as phobias, depression and obsessive-compulsive behaviors. It promotes positive thinking, increases attention span and focus, reduces memory loss, fights addictions, improves sleep… Read more »

Test Prep Tutoring Annual Report and Score Improvements

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Nine GMAT Study Tips

Dear parents, This is our tenth annual report, highlighting the results of the Marks Education Tutoring Division. We strive to give students and families the best possible personalized attention, and I am happy to report that our students continue to improve at several times the national average after tutoring.  Here are the details: final score improvements, college admission results from Counseling,… Read more »

A Standardized Testing Guide for Counselors

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GMAT test prep, GRE test prep, LSAT test prep, MCAT test prep

Advising the HS Class of 2019   In the second year of the redesigned SAT (and of our guide), some stability has returned to standardized testing. Counselors we surveyed had fewer doubts than last year, but questions remain. Khan Academy has set up an entirely free prep program for the SAT, which the College Board… Read more »

A Guide to Skipping Questions on the GRE: Part 2

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Skipping Questions on the GRE

Part 2: Identifying the Skippers   As I discussed in Part 1 of this blog post, skipping is probably the single most important strategy you can use on the GRE. While it’s easy to recognize some questions as “skippers,” in other cases, it’s not easy to know when to skip. Here’s a guide to help… Read more »

SAT Test Prep: Preparing for the Math Section

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An SAT Test Prep Tutor’s Advice Based on a Recent SAT The SAT test prep tutors at Marks Education take the SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, and LSAT on a regular basis. Here is the report on the Math section from Senior Tutor Anthony Celino, who took the October 2016 SAT and debriefed the test with our… Read more »

SAT Test Prep: Preparing for the Reading Section

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SAT Prep

An SAT Test Prep Tutor’s Advice Based on a Recent SAT As you prepare for the SAT Reading section the right way, you can raise your Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Score and even enjoy the section. Our test prep tutors have taken every new SAT available, and we have used these tips with our students, helping… Read more »

Lessons Learned from Taking the New SAT

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ACT SAT Test prep Bethesda, ACT SAT Test prep McLean ACT Test Prep Rockville MD. sattest acttest act test sat test

Our tutoring team enjoyed taking the second administration of the new SAT on May 7. Here were some of our most important observations: The test is the same difficulty as the four tests released by the College Board and the four tests developed by Marks Education, available to our students and soon to be released… Read more »

GMAT and GRE Quantitative Preparation

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What Humanities and Social Science Majors Can Do to Ease the Process Interested in pursuing an MBA? Regardless of whether you pick the GMAT and GRE, you can take steps to make GMAT or GRE quantitative prep a relatively painless, and perhaps even fun, process. Yes, for many of my students, solving GRE and GMAT… Read more »

June SAT Timing Mistake: How It Will Affect Students

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The SAT administered on June 6 had a misprint which gave students the incorrect amount of time on one of the last three sections.This affected either a 20-minute Reading section or a 20-minute Math section. The College Board’s response has been to say that it simply will not count these mistimed sections in scoring the… Read more »

The PSAT – Why It Matters

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Taking the PSAT The PSAT is a very important diagnostic and assessment tool which predicts SAT scores, provides a great way to track your progress, and of course, can result in National Merit awards for the highest scorers. In addition, the PSAT can tell you whether you should take the SAT or ACT and what… Read more »

Using Mindfulness To Combat Test Anxiety

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Since 2004, Nitin Sawhney has successfully used meditation and breathing exercises to help his students overcome test anxiety. All details in the story below are true. To protect privacy, the student’s name and biographical information have been changed. Mariana is a wonderfully warm, hard working student, with a sparkling curiosity about the world and a… Read more »

Ready to Prepare for the new SAT?

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The New SAT! Probably the biggest question we’ve received in past days is how to prepare for this new SAT. For us, the answer is to focus on core skills in reading, math, and science. 1. Read! : Because the SAT will become more of a reading-based test, just doing crash courses on vocabulary won’t… Read more »

First Take on The New SAT

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As you know, the College Board is attempting a true reinvention of the SAT. For all the news stories printed and broadcast on this topic, many are bombastic, few are comprehensive, and none provide adequate guidance to parents and students. Below, I outline the major changes. And on my next post, I suggest a simple a four-step… Read more »

The Shady Side of Test Optional

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Amidst all the hullabaloo about the recent SAT score inflation scandal at Claremont McKenna (here’s a Bloomberg article on the subject), a central point may be getting drowned out: Many colleges are out to game the rankings system, in one way or the other.  Some do it in ways that are legitimate, while others do it… Read more »