Meditation Three-part Series: Part Two

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In our second part, Sarah Newport talks about her favorite meditation app, Calm.   The benefits of meditation can’t be overstated. Studies show that regular meditation practice reduces stress, anxiety and other mental health issues such as phobias, depression and obsessive-compulsive behaviors. It promotes positive thinking, increases attention span and focus, reduces memory loss, fights… Read more »

SSAT vs ISEE: Which test is best for your child?

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SSAT vs ISEE: This is one of the first decisions you have to make if your child has decided to apply for an independent school. Most independent schools will accept either admissions test (although you should always confirm this with the school). So what are some factors to consider as you decide which test is best… Read more »

Summer fun with the SSAT, ISEE and HSPT

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Test Prep Tutoring Bethesda, ACT, SAT, Test Prep Tutoring Washington, DC

Test Prep Tutoring Summer Tips! What comes to mind when you think of summer? I’m thinking about lazing around the pool or spending time with family at the beach. Before we dig our feet in the sand, let’s make sure our kids are ready for those standardized tests. If your child is taking the SSAT,… Read more »

Time Management Tips for Busy Students

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College Admission And Educational Planning Bethesda Maryland McLEan Virginia

September has arrived and with it the opportunity for a fresh beginning with a new academic year.  To help students make good use of the precious time they have, we would like to share some time management techniques our students have used to great effect. Creating a Planner Students sometimes balk at investing time in… Read more »

Confused by Your Score on the New ACT Writing Section? Read on.

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Are you concerned about the score you received for your ACT Writing section from September or October 2015?  Did it differ substantially from your composite score? You are not alone. Over the past few months, test preparation and college counseling listservs have lit up with concern about the new ACT writing section and discrepancies in scores. Here’s… Read more »

The New Advanced Placement U.S. History Test

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Why It Changed and How You Should Prepare “Radically revisionist” “A positive step” towards “independent thinking, cooperative inquiry, evidence, and open discussion.” “A distorted and incomplete understanding of our American story.” “Designed to teach students to think like historians….” It’s hard to imagine that an Advanced Placement test could inspire such passion and discord, but… Read more »