The New Advanced Placement U.S. History Test

April 24, 2015, by

Why It Changed and How You Should Prepare “Radically revisionist” “A positive step” towards “independent thinking, cooperative inquiry, evidence, and open discussion.” “A distorted and incomplete understanding of our American story.” “Designed to teach students to think like historians….” It’s hard to imagine that an Advanced Placement test could inspire such passion and discord, but… Read more »

Taking the Chem or Bio SAT Subject Test?

April 15, 2015, by

Why the Changes to the AP Tests Matter. As we head into the home stretch of the school year, many students are considering taking Subject Tests in May or June. Often students in AP classes will take the corresponding Subject Test, as their class preparation for the AP exam will usually prepare them well for… Read more »

Top Four Reasons to Consider Attending “Uni” in the U.K.

April 7, 2015, by

Top Four Reasons to Consider Attending “Uni” in the U.K. Do you crave international experience? Are you a serious student who knows what you want to study? Do you think finishing your undergraduate degree in three years sounds great? If you answer yes to some of these questions, then you should consider going to university,… Read more »

An Insider’s Insights on Admissions

March 19, 2015, by

An Insider’s Insights on Admissions: In this new feature, we present one staffer’s advice to help guide families through the admissions process. Christina Morris presents ideas for parents arranging their child’s testing schedule and thinking about the best college fit for their child. When is the “right time” for families to start working with Marks… Read more »