Nine GMAT Study Tips

The True Performance Enhancing Drug? Sleep.

September 18, 2015, by

At Marks Education, we talk a lot about the importance of sleep. With our clients, we regularly cite sleep studies that discuss the benefits of a full night’s rest to help manage stress, improve performance on standardized tests, and maintain a student’s general health. We visibly cringe, as we did a few days ago, when… Read more »


The New ACT Essay: What You Should Know

September 16, 2015, by

Students taking the ACT this fall could be in for a surprise. For the previous few years, the essay on the ACT remained predictable and straightforward – students simply answered an open-ended question in 30 minutes. The old format has been retired, and students taking the September ACT were the first group of official test… Read more »

Understanding the Redesigned PSAT Scoring: Its Potential Impact on Students and Scores

August 10, 2015, by

Update: Understand your scores on the new PSAT with our table showing how your redesigned PSAT scores correlate with ACT scores. This will help you choose whether to take the ACT or the new SAT. As most admissions professionals and many parents of high school students know, on the current SAT (to be administered for… Read more »

2015-2016 Common App Changes

July 21, 2015, by

  Over the last 40 years, the Common App has become the standard application in the college admissions process. Last year, according to the Common Application, approximately 857,000 applicants submitted over 3.7 million applications through their system! The Common App also processed over 14.3 million recommendations. 69 colleges and universities joined the Common App this… Read more »

GMAT and GRE Quantitative Preparation

June 12, 2015, by

What Humanities and Social Science Majors Can Do to Ease the Process Interested in pursuing an MBA? Regardless of whether you pick the GMAT and GRE, you can take steps to make GMAT or GRE quantitative prep a relatively painless, and perhaps even fun, process. Yes, for many of my students, solving GRE and GMAT… Read more »