Three LSAT Myths Debunked

June 11, 2015, by

Each year, over 100,000 people take the LSAT, the only major standardized test with two Logical Reasoning sections. Despite the test’s emphasis on logic, and its target population of budding legal minds, aspiring law students circulate a number of questionable theories and myths about how the test works. Let’s examine three common fallacies about the… Read more »

June SAT Timing Mistake: How It Will Affect Students

June 9, 2015, by

The SAT administered on June 6 had a misprint which gave students the incorrect amount of time on one of the last three sections.This affected either a 20-minute Reading section or a 20-minute Math section. The College Board’s response has been to say that it simply will not count these mistimed sections in scoring the… Read more »

Trends in Selective College Admissions, 2014-15

May 20, 2015, by

Large applicant pools and low admit rates at our nation’s top universities have made 2014-15 the most competitive and unpredictable college admissions year ever. For selective colleges, especially, the numbers are daunting. NYU reported over 60,000 applicants, marking the eighth year in a row with record-breaking numbers. Cornell, Brown, and Yale all reported some of their… Read more »

The New Advanced Placement U.S. History Test

April 24, 2015, by

Why It Changed and How You Should Prepare “Radically revisionist” “A positive step” towards “independent thinking, cooperative inquiry, evidence, and open discussion.” “A distorted and incomplete understanding of our American story.” “Designed to teach students to think like historians….” It’s hard to imagine that an Advanced Placement test could inspire such passion and discord, but… Read more »