Six Common Questions About the New SAT—and Five We Can Help Answer

January 30, 2015, by

The New SAT As parents, students, tutors and college counselors get closer and closer to the unveiling of the new SAT and PSAT over the next several months, we all have one main question in mind. What were they thinking? Why is the College Board creating this new test now, roiling the waters of college… Read more »

The PSAT – Why It Matters

December 13, 2014, by

Taking the PSAT The PSAT is a very important diagnostic and assessment tool which predicts SAT scores, provides a great way to track your progress, and of course, can result in National Merit awards for the highest scorers. In addition, the PSAT can tell you whether you should take the SAT or ACT and what… Read more »

How Extracurriculars Can Help You Grow and Show Your Strengths

December 13, 2014, by

The holiday season reminds us to appreciate what really matters: family members, connections with friends, and good health. It’s also a time to reflect on the past year and on priorities for 2015. As a busy high school student, you may find yourself wondering whether any of your sports, clubs, or summer commitments will make… Read more »

The SAT is Hardest in (Insert Month Here)

September 19, 2014, by

You may have heard the rumors circulating through the school cafeteria and among the basketball bleachers: “It’s best to take the SAT in May. All the really smart kids are taking their APs in May, so they won’t be able to ruin the curve for everyone else.” Or perhaps you’ve heard this one: “Don’t take… Read more »

The Year in Review: Admissions Trends and Outcomes

May 16, 2014, by

This past year proved to be the most complex and challenging year in college admissions yet, especially at selective and highly selective colleges and universities. As noted in our mid-year and end-of-year research, calculating yield (those who will matriculate) has become a top priority for college admission officers. Identifying strategic early application options is therefore… Read more »