Confused by Your Score on the New ACT Writing Section? Read on.

December 17, 2015, by

Are you concerned about the score you received for your ACT Writing section from September or October 2015?  Did it differ substantially from your composite score? You are not alone. Over the past few months, test preparation and college counseling listservs have lit up with concern about the new ACT writing section and discrepancies in scores. Here’s… Read more »

The New MCAT: Prepare to Succeed

October 13, 2015, by

The new MCAT has an intimidating reputation.It is now nearly twice as long as it used to be, and for the first time, it has added questions on psychology, sociology, and more advanced biochemistry concepts. Furthermore, in order to promote critical thinking over cramming, the test-makers have changed their question format, pushing students to combine… Read more »

Nine GMAT Study Tips

The True Performance Enhancing Drug? Sleep.

September 18, 2015, by

At Marks Education, we talk a lot about the importance of sleep. With our clients, we regularly cite sleep studies that discuss the benefits of a full night’s rest to help manage stress, improve performance on standardized tests, and maintain a student’s general health. We visibly cringe, as we did a few days ago, when… Read more »


The New ACT Essay: What You Should Know

September 16, 2015, by

Students taking the ACT this fall could be in for a surprise. For the previous few years, the essay on the ACT remained predictable and straightforward – students simply answered an open-ended question in 30 minutes. The old format has been retired, and students taking the September ACT were the first group of official test… Read more »