deferred college application

My Application was Deferred…Now What?

January 14, 2020, by

If your early application was deferred, a compelling mid-year update letter can have an impact   It’s one of the tough realities of college admissions: every year, many highly qualified and deserving students apply early and are deferred by a wide range of schools, which means that the admissions office won’t decide on their application… Read more »

What does your PSAT score Mean. Understanding your PSAT scores

Your PSAT Scores and What They Mean

December 10, 2019, by

What do Your PSAT Scores Mean? This week, most high school sophomores and juniors will receive their PSAT  results.  For many juniors, receiving their PSAT scores marks the beginning of a concerted push to get ready for the SAT or ACT.  Other juniors may have already begun the test preparation process.  For sophomores, PSAT scores… Read more »

Harvard Law School to Accept GRE Scores

All you Need to Know About Graduate School Requirements

November 14, 2019, by

Business School Admission Requirements Streamlined  Marks Education is excited to announce a new resource on our website that will make planning for graduate school even easier. Prospective MBA students now have access to our research on business school admissions statistics and requirements. Got a question about what percentage of Wharton applicants use the GRE rather… Read more »

All you need to know About Law School Requirements

November 14, 2019, by

Law School Admission Requirements Streamlined Marks Education is happy to announce a new resource on our website that will make the law school application process even more manageable. JD bound students now have access to our database of research on admissions statistics and requirements for top law programs across the country. Got a question about… Read more »

College Interview FAQ

November 11, 2019, by

Tools to help you succeed in college admission interviews A strong interview can be a big plus in the college application process—a chance for you to share your interests, your personality, and your excitement about the colleges you’ve chosen. Now that the college application season is underway, we wanted to share our answers to a… Read more »