Preparing for the GRE and GMAT During the Summer

May 31, 2017, by

GRE or GMAT Summer Prep User Guide Thinking about going to graduate school after college?  Taking the GRE or GMAT the summer after your freshman or sophomore year of college could be a great idea—here’s why: Preparing for the GRE or GMAT is Easier When Math is Fresh in Your Mind Taking the GRE and—even… Read more »

College Transfer, how to transfer colleges

Marks Education 2017 College Transfer Results

May 30, 2017, by

College Transfer is a common practice. Each student’s journey through college is different. There is no “right” path through college. According to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, approximately 20% of students who graduate from a four-year institution – both public and private – started at a different school. We have worked with transfers on a… Read more »

SAT or ACT Summer preparation

It’s Not Summer Without Preparing for the SAT or ACT!

May 25, 2017, by

Do your summer plans include SAT or ACT preparation?    Beaches, barbecues, baseball, and buckling down to prep for the SAT or ACT! That’s what summer is all about, right? While SAT or ACT summer preparation may not be what high schoolers first think about once school is out, getting a jump on prep for standardized tests… Read more »