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Why take the PSAT, and what are National Merit Scholarships?

September 30, 2021, by

Relationship of the PSAT and National Merit Scholarship Explained. In mid-October, high school sophomores and juniors across the country will sit down to take the preliminary SAT (PSAT), a test that assesses students’ math, reading, and grammar capabilities. The PSAT offers students a preview of the SAT’s format and content and serves as a low-stakes… Read more »


How to Approach the “Why Us?” Essay

September 1, 2021, by

“Why Us?” It’s the most common question you’ll be asked to write about as a supplemental essay to your college application.   When you break down this prompt to its most basic form, colleges want to know two things: You’ve done your homework, and you know why the school is the best fit for you…. Read more »

Tips on Time Management for the New School Year

August 19, 2021, by

Get back in the swing of things with these time management tips! A new school year is around the corner, and we hope that this one will allow for kids in classrooms and on sports fields rather than in pajamas and on Zoom! As regular school days and extracurricular activities pick up again this year,… Read more »

SSAT and ISEE Vocabulary Tips

August 18, 2021, by

  SSAT and ISEE vocabulary study plan tips If your child is preparing to take the SSAT or the ISEE this fall, chances are they will need to expand their vocabulary in order to do well on the verbal sections of the tests. The SSAT and the ISEE both test vocabulary words out of context,… Read more »