Changes to Advanced Placement Exams for 2020

March 26, 2020, by

UPDATE :The College Board has announced in a tweet that the 2020 AP exams will all be open book/open note and will test more thematic understandings In response to the school closures resulting from the coronavirus outbreak, the College Board has announced significant changes to AP exams this May.  This year the traditional in-school tests will… Read more »

Preparing for the AP Government TEST

The AP Government Test: What You Need to know and How to Prep

March 11, 2020, by

Prepping for the AP Government Test Studying for the Advanced Placement Government Exam? Last year, the College Board redesigned the AP U.S. Government exam to reward a more nuanced understanding of the course material over rote memorization of facts.  The College Board also incorporated more primary source material.  To study for the exam in its… Read more »

Six Tips for Conquering the AP Calculus Exams

March 4, 2020, by

Ready for the AP Calculus Exam?   Although calculus has a reputation for being a grueling, demanding course, those who take the class often realize that it is one of the most exciting courses offered in high school. For many students, a calculus course is the first time that math feels like something more than… Read more »