Applying to College During a Pandemic

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Applying to College during pandemic

What Have We Learned from the 2020-2021 Admissions Cycle? When COVID-19 struck in March 2020, more than 1,600 colleges and universities across America, including all of the Ivies and most highly-selective institutions, declared a test-optional policy for the 2020-2021 admissions cycle. This presented a unique opportunity for applicants everywhere, and (not only in retrospect but… Read more »

The 2021 AP Calculus Exams: Format and Tips

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AP Calculus Exam:  Tips from tutors that can help you prepare Although calculus has a reputation for being a grueling, demanding course, those who take the class often realize that it is one of the most exciting courses offered in high school. For many students, a calculus course is the first time that math feels… Read more »

Know Your College Lingo!

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How Learning the Difference Between “Department”, “Program”, and “Center” Can Supercharge Your College Research It’s one of the most crucial questions in college admissions: “Who is applying because they really know our school, and who is applying just based on the name?” Whether you’re preparing to interact with an admissions officer, or writing your “Why… Read more »

2021 Early Application Acceptances

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Congratulations to the Class of 2021! As we noted earlier this month, this has been quite the year in admissions. We’ve seen unprecedented application pool increases and record-low early admit rates. With our strategic, layered approach to application timing, our goal is for all of our clients to have good news by the end of… Read more »

Early Application Pool News Shakes up College Admissions

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  News from this year’s early college application pools As we reach the midway point of this year’s admissions cycle, we are reflecting on what we’ve seen so far. The coronavirus pandemic has changed much in life, and college admissions is no exception.   Colleges make unprecedented changes during Covid-19 pandemic This past spring and… Read more »

College Board Announces the End of SAT Subject Tests and SAT Essay

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End of SAT Subject Tests, College Board’s announcement and SAT Essay

College Board Places Greater Emphasis on Advanced Placement Tests On January 19, the College Board – maker of the SAT, Advanced Placement (AP) Tests and SAT Subject Tests – announced that effective immediately, it will no longer offer SAT Subject Tests in the United States and that it will discontinue the SAT Essay after the… Read more »

Show the Love… Remotely!

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benefits, benefits of meditation

Demonstrating Interest in 2021 We’ve all done quite a bit of adapting in this past year. How you think about “demonstrating interest” to colleges is no different: in this post, we’ll take you through some ways that colleges have become more innovative in interacting with prospective applicants online, and give you some tips about making… Read more »

Science Tutoring for College and Advanced Placement Classes

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In response to the many questions we’ve received about science tutoring at the college level, Marks Education is pleased to announce that we have a stable of excellent science tutors who can help students at both the college and high school levels. We recently added Farah Khan to our team. Farah majored in psychology at… Read more »

Effects of COVID-19 on Standardized Testing

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An Update on Standardized Testing As COVID-19 has impacted school and work, its impact can be felt in many aspects of the college admission process, especially in the administration of the SAT and ACT. Many testing centers were forced to cancel tests over the spring and summer, leaving students, especially seniors, in a difficult position…. Read more »