Preparing for the 2020 AP Chemistry Exam

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What is the AP Chemistry exam like? Like many things affected by COVID-19, this year’s AP Chemistry exam will be significantly different to exams of previous years. This year, instead of a 3-hr (or 4.5-hr extended time) written exam on a national exam day, students will take a 45-minute online AP Chemistry exam at home. … Read more »

General Tips for preparing for the 2020 AP Exams

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Tips to help you prepare for the 2020 AP exams. This week, the College Board provided further guidance on this year’s AP tests including dates and question types. As we continue to support our students adjust to the changing testing landscape, Marks Education tutors brainstormed tips for this year’s unusual exams. 1. Get the right… Read more »

College Planning and Social Distance

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College Planning and Social Distance

College Planning and Social Distance Living with the COVID-19 outbreak can feel like uncertainty overload: as we continue to track the changing college admissions landscape, we are dealing with a wide range of shifting circumstances—from testing changes to upended summer plans. Now more than ever, it’s important to focus on what you can control. And,… Read more »

Changes to Advanced Placement Exams for 2020

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UPDATE :The College Board has announced in a tweet that the 2020 AP exams will all be open book/open note and will test more thematic understandings In response to the school closures resulting from the coronavirus outbreak, the College Board has announced significant changes to AP exams this May.  This year the traditional in-school tests will… Read more »

Coronavirus News: What you Need to Know about College Admissions in a Strange Season

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  The outbreak of COVID-19, informally known as the Coronavirus, has uprooted plans around the world and, understandably, caused plenty of worry. For those in the midst of the college search and application process, this unexpected situation calls for the best antidote to anxiety—a well-informed plan! Here are a few key issues to keep in… Read more »

Six Tips for Conquering the AP Calculus Exams

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Ready for the AP Calculus Exam?   Although calculus has a reputation for being a grueling, demanding course, those who take the class often realize that it is one of the most exciting courses offered in high school. For many students, a calculus course is the first time that math feels like something more than… Read more »

My Application was Deferred…Now What?

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deferred college application

If your early application was deferred, a compelling mid-year update letter can have an impact   It’s one of the tough realities of college admissions: every year, many highly qualified and deserving students apply early and are deferred by a wide range of schools, which means that the admissions office won’t decide on their application… Read more »

Your PSAT Scores and What They Mean

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What does your PSAT score Mean. Understanding your PSAT scores

What do Your PSAT Scores Mean? This week, most high school sophomores and juniors will receive their PSAT  results.  For many juniors, receiving their PSAT scores marks the beginning of a concerted push to get ready for the SAT or ACT.  Other juniors may have already begun the test preparation process.  For sophomores, PSAT scores… Read more »

All you Need to Know About Graduate School Requirements

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Harvard Law School to Accept GRE Scores

Business School Admission Requirements Streamlined  Marks Education is excited to announce a new resource on our website that will make planning for graduate school even easier. Prospective MBA students now have access to our research on business school admissions statistics and requirements. Got a question about what percentage of Wharton applicants use the GRE rather… Read more »