Further Changes to the ACT and SAT Announced

College Board and the ACT announce more changes!


Both the College Board and the ACT announced further changes to future administrations of their tests this week. The College Board announced that it is cancelling the June 6 sitting of the SAT and SAT Subject tests but will offer tests in August, September, October, November and December.  The ACT has announced that it will administer the ACT in June and July as planned and will offer tests throughout the fall including an online test that can be taken at home.  Below are the key takeaways announced by both companies this week.

College Board (maker of SAT, APs and SAT Subject tests)

****June 6 SAT and SAT Subject tests are cancelled.****

  • August 29 test will go ahead as scheduled.
  • September date (not yet announced) will be added to the regular schedule of fall tests.
  • Tests in October, November and December will be offered as usual.
  • If schools remain closed in the fall, the College Board will provide a digital SAT that students can take at home.

Although the SAT has not yet announced the May date when students can sign up for fall tests, we recommend that students prepping for the SAT sign up as soon as possible as testing centers will likely fill up fast.

ACT (maker of ACT)

  • June 13 test will go ahead as scheduled. (Test centers can administer the June test on June 20 if local conditions require a later date, but students may only register for one June date.)
  • July 18 test will go ahead as scheduled. (Again, if local conditions require a later date, test centers can administer the test on July 25, but students may only take the test once in July.)
  • Students may take the test in both June and July.
  • Students signed up for June may change to July without incurring a fee.
  • Regular paper tests will be offered in September, October and December as in past years.
  • In late fall/early winter 2020, ACT will initiate a “test at home” option for students to take on their computers.
  • Section testing will proceed as planned, starting in September.

[su_box title=”Recommendation:” box_color=”#f7f7bc” title_color=”#0c5976″ radius=”18″]Marks Education recommends that students prepping for the ACT sign up for both the June and July tests in case the June test is cancelled. [/su_box]

Students already registered for the cancelled April 4 ACT can register for the June test in one of two ways.

They can register online, in which case they will need to enter a credit card number that will be charged for the summer test date. ACT will then issue a refund for April.  Alternatively, they can call ACT (319-337-1270), which can roll over a student’s registration so that he or she will not be charged a second time.

Registration is done on a first come, first served basis

There is no registration priority for students whose tests were cancelled in April. According to ACT representatives, test centers will have extra capacity for the June and July dates. Students are also allowed to register for a center within a 75 mile radius of their home address, even if this is outside their county or state. (Testing centers in some states such as NY are already full for the June test.)





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