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Create your most compelling and authentic college essay.

Today’s admission officers might read your application in a matter of minutes. To stand out, a strong college essay often needs to juggle several tasks at once: grabbing the reader’s attention, indicating the range of your interests, and suggesting the kind of community member you will to be. The College Essay Package offers one-on-one support designed to help you get the most from each stage of the writing process, from thorough brainstorming to mindful editing and revision.

A thoughtfully crafted essay and a clean, clear application can make a tremendous difference in the college admissions process.


College Essay Package Overview

  • Ten hours of one-on-one support
  • Strategic guidance informed by our global practice
  • Support for the entire application: activity list, supplemental essays, résumé, interview
  • Access to e-resources designed by the Marks Education counseling team

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Often the best college essays develop out of a moment or idea that at first seems small, but then grows, develops, and takes on a life of its own.

The ten-hour Essay Package also includes tailored support for supplemental essays and the Common Application, critical opportunities for students to showcase their backgrounds, interests, and passions. After reviewing your application plan and strategy, our experienced counselors will help you think strategically about how these submissions work together to ensure you will stand out in today’s fast-paced admissions review process.

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For additional information on the 12th Grade Essay Package, visit our services and fees page and select the 12th-grade option.