High School, School Admission Counseling

Finding and applying to independent middle & secondary schools can be complicated.

Marks Education guides families through the various stages of the school admission process.

For many parents, applying to independent schools can be an unfamiliar and confusing process, with numerous deadlines, plenty of paperwork, and a few unwritten rules. Marks Education counseling team can help you navigate through the school admission process.

Denise Buchanan will support you and your child as you narrow a list of potential school choices, complete applications, and finally select a best-fit school. Based on her years of experience in independent school admission, Denise can help you complete an application package that clearly communicates your child’s strengths and demonstrates how your child will contribute to the school community.

While one family might choose a single, hour-long session to get an overview and answers to some specific questions, another family might opt for a series of meetings or conference calls to discuss the various phases of the admission calendar from initial visits to a child’s enrollment. Denise can provide one-on-one advising tailored to your child’s and your family’s needs.