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We provide one-on-one admission counseling and educational advising, customized to suit the needs of each student and family. From a single hourly session to a year-long package, we work with our clients to make an effective, efficient plan for academic success.

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94% of our Seniors in Early Decision I and II, Early Action, and/or Rolling admissions pools have received acceptances.


Writing College Essays that Count

  Spotlight on New Undergraduate Majors Throughout the college essay and application process, we think a lot about how you can make a lasting impression by differentiating yourself. But it is important not to forget that colleges are trying just as hard to impress you: to stand out from other schools by highlighting unique strengths,… Read more »

As we near the end of the school year, a lot of high schoolers are sweating over the question, “Should I take the Math 1 or Math 2 Subject Test?”

Should I Take the Math 1 or Math 2 Subject Test?

  As we near the end of the school year, a lot of high schoolers are sweating over the question, “Should I take the Math 1 or Math 2 Subject Test?” Both College Board tests are 60 minutes long; both are multiple choice, and both allow calculators.  Both tests also have 50 questions that go… Read more »


The LSAT Goes Digital

Ready to take the LSAT online? Changes are afoot if you plan to take the LSAT! The Law School Admission Council (LSAC)  has announced that starting with the September 21st test date, the LSAT is going fully digital. Candidates will take the LSAT on tablet computers provided by testing centers. As part of the transition… Read more »


LSAT Preparation Tips: Get STARTED for the JULY LSAT

  When is the best time to start preparing for the July LSAT? Thinking of taking the July LSAT? Then it’s a good idea to get started now (late March/early April). This timeline gives you a little more than 3 months to prepare, which is a good amount of time for a broad incremental improvement… Read more »

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What’s Your College Essay Workout?

  Get a Head Start on your College Application Process…By Practicing Your Writing Before Senior Year You wouldn’t wait until the playoffs to learn to pitch, or take your first piano lesson the day of your recital. So why wait until you’re writing your applications to practice writing your college essay? It’s a unique skill—a… Read more »