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Some of our package services reach capacity early in the year.  Please contact us at 301-907-7604 to learn which services are currently available and would work best for you and your student.

Tailored Educational Advising and College Admission Counseling

We provide one-on-one admission counseling and educational advising, customized to suit the needs of each student and family. From a single hourly session to a year-long package, we work with our clients to make an effective, efficient plan for their academic success and long-term educational goals.

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98% of our Seniors in Early Decision I and II, Early Action, and/or Rolling admissions pools have received acceptances.


GMAT 2022

Should you take the GRE in a computer lab or at home?

  From 2012 to early 2020, nearly everyone taking the GRE did so in a computer lab.  Beginning in mid-2020, the ETS began offering the GRE as an at home test.  It is now offered in both formats, which leaves it up to the test taker to decide: would you rather take the GRE in… Read more »

Preparing for the June LSAT

LSAT Preparation Tips: When to Start Preparing for the June LSAT 2022

When is the best time to start preparing for the June LSAT? For most people, the best time to start preparing for the June LSAT is around late February or early March.  This gives you a little more than 3 months to prepare, which is a good amount of time for a broad incremental improvement… Read more »

What does your PSAT score Mean. Understanding your PSAT scores

Your PSAT Scores and What They Mean

What do Your PSAT Scores Mean? This week, most high school sophomores and juniors will receive their PSAT results.  For many juniors, receiving their PSAT results marks the beginning of a concerted push to get ready for the SAT or ACT.  Other juniors may have already begun the test preparation process.  For sophomores, PSAT results… Read more »

College Admission Counseling Bethesda

Getting Stressed by AP Classes Already This year? A Few Tips to Help!

AP classes don’t have to be stressful! We’re only approaching the third month of school, but for many, it already feels like crunch time. For Honors and AP students especially, the first couple of tests can be a big wake-up call and a reminder of the difficulty level of AP classes and the expectations of… Read more »