Marks Education partners with educational organizations in order to provide high quality, customized tutoring to their students.


By significantly raising students’ average ACT and SAT scores, we have helped our partners improve their students’ scoring profiles and college admissions results. In addition, our Test Prep Tutoring model reduces the number of standardized tests students take, allowing students to concentrate on academics.

Our tutors have thousands of hours of teaching experience and are trained to work with a breadth of students and learning styles.

Marks’ tutors individualize tutoring for each student, taking into consideration all of the other commitments he or she may have (such as sports competitions or seasons, and/or major holidays, vacations, and work commitments).

The Marks Education Difference—Detailed Evaluation of a Student’s Testing Profile

We offer virtual one-on-one tutoring, which complements what is already being taught in the classroom.  In collaboration with counselors at each educational organization, we create a nuanced timeline for each individual student and strategize which test (ACT or SAT) and test date will maximize scores while minimizing the amount of test prep needed.

Example:  Given her higher scores on a proctored baseline ACT, we may fast track Amy, who has already finished pre-calculus James, on the other hand, a student who may be taking Algebra 2 as an 11th grader, would start prep later, to allow him to acquire the content knowledge he needs for the test.

Carefully tailored Test Prep Tutoring

We understand how busy high school students are, so we have carefully designed a program that targets each student’s unique areas of weakness to ensure the fastest possible score gains.  Baseline scores help us evaluate in which areas students most need assistance.

Marks Education is committed to equity and access in college admissions.

We are committed to providing high quality tutoring to students who would not otherwise have access to quality test prep, thereby providing those students with expanded college opportunities.  Since 2006, we have partnered with Collegiate Directions, Inc. ( to help students at Montgomery County and Washington, DC schools improve their test scores. We have also partnered with the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation since 2008 and the Lenfest Foundation since 2019. We believe in building on skills and content that students are learning in the classroom to help maximize their scores.

Sarah Newport, Associate Director of tutoring for our Bethesda office, works individually with schools and foundations to develop a test prep program which meets the unique needs of the institution. As a full time tutor for many years, Sarah understands the role standardized testing plays in college admission and the anxiety many students have around it. She facilitates communication between our tutors and the school or foundation to ensure a smooth and effective process.


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Partnering Benefits

    • Administering and scoring a baseline ACT at no additional cost
    • Reducing student stress and time taking tests; allaying parent anxiety; increasing standardized test scores
    • Improving the school profile and college admission results
    • Giving students access to better educational opportunities