GMAT is now available in an online, Taking the GMAT online exam

Marks Education’s GMAT prep tutors take the actual GMAT periodically to keep current with the evolving format of the test. As the GRE has gained more of a foothold, the GMAT has made changes to remain competitive. Now a student may take the GMAT more than once and cancel lower scores.

Our GMAT test prep tutors are not only extraordinary test takers, but they are also gifted teachers. We have successfully helped a wide range of students: those who have come with low entering scores and test anxiety as well as those with very high initial scores who only needed a handful of tutoring sessions to achieve their target score.

Because of our efficient and effective GMAT prep teaching methods, on average, our GMAT students complete GMAT tutoring in 15 sessions or fewer.


Over a free 30-minute consult, we analyze your baseline test, discuss final target scores, and advise on a step-by-step plan to achieve those scores.


Our GMAT prep tutors work with our graduate school admission counselors to develop a testing and admissions timeline with clear goals and deadlines.


Web-based GMAT test prep tutoring.

Marks Education provides proven, successful web-based GMAT test prep tutoring with the use of Skype tutoring, FaceTime tutoring, Google Hangout tutoring and interactive whiteboards. About 60% of our tutoring is done over Skype, with students across the United States and around the world in over 18 different countries.


Consider Scheduling a Free Baseline GRE with us.

  • A baseline GMAT score defines your strengths and identifies areas of weakness. One of our expert tutors will review the baseline test results and meet with you during a free 30-minute consultation to help determine your best plan of action.
  • At Marks Education, we simulate a GMAT testing environment and use an experienced proctor to administer the test.

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