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We are here for you during these trying times.

The coronavirus has brought us into uncharted territory in many respects. Parents and students understandably have questions about missed school, cancelled standardized tests and the college application process generally. The most important thing to keep in mind from a college admissions perspective is that admissions readers are reasonable, understanding people who are well aware that this is a unique year for everyone.  Marks Education’s Tutoring and Counseling divisions will continue to operate remotely in the coming weeks, ready to help you stay informed, answer questions and be prepared.  We are monitoring the changes in the testing and admissions landscape and will continue to advise you as best we can, as we always have.

What is the status of standardized tests right now?

In addition to disruptions to the school system, the coronavirus is causing the cancellations of multiple standardized tests. The College Board announced on March 16 that it is cancelling the May 2 SAT as well as the March 28 makeup exam.  Students registered for those tests will receive refunds.  For now, the June 6 SAT remains on the schedule. In a tweet, the College Board said that it is working on plans to host online AP tests which students can take at home. The College Board noted that it will host online review sessions in advance of the AP exams.

The ACT announced that it is cancelling the April 4 ACT and will be emailing students instructions for registering for the June 13 or July 18 test dates free of charge.

The LSAC also announced that it has cancelled the March LSAT.  It has not yet cancelled the April LSAT.

Is Marks Education Open?  Are you still tutoring and counseling?

Yes.  However, to support state and county efforts to promote social distancing, Marks Education tutors and counselors will be working with students remotely using Skype or Zoom for the next few weeks. Even before the coronavirus outbreak, we worked with many clients across the country and the world using online videoconferencing platforms.  In fact, about 40 to 50 percent of tutoring clients are remote! We can mail or email tests, answer keys, subject manuals and other materials to students.  Students can also order our SAT and ACT preparation manuals from Amazon. Tutoring sessions are structured and conducted just as they would be in person.

What about proctoring?

Marks Education will continue to proctor every weekend, but we will do so remotely using Zoom. Please sign up with your tutor or contact Alex Evans at [email protected] to schedule a practice baseline test. Proctoring will continue to be held on Saturdays and Sundays.

What do I need to do to take advantage of Marks Education’s online Tutoring and Counseling services?

All you need is a Skype or Zoom account.


Download Zoom here and register for an account here.  All tutors and counselors have Zoom accounts and can email you further instructions about using Zoom if you need them.


Download Skype here then use your Microsoft Live account to log in, or create an account here.

All tutors and counselors have Skype accounts, and they will share their usernames with you so that you can add them as a contact.  While none of us would choose the current situation, one of the few positives is that you have a lot of extra time! Take advantage of it! Research colleges online, take more practice ACT or SAT sections, achieve that 5 on your AP by working on some practice free response questions posted on the College Board’s website.

Stay tuned for further blog posts on what you can be doing while you are off school! But most importantly, stay well and stay safe.

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