Looking to reinforce math skills? The Math Intensive Program is a tailored approach to help you sharpen your math skills during the summer months!

For over a decade, Marks Education has put together targeted summer math tutoring programs for students who either feel they need to “catch up” because they will be jumping from a regular to an honors level math class or for those who are simply looking to get ahead a bit and hit the ground running in the fall. We understand that, from school to school and class to class, math curricula vary.  The Summer Math Intensive tailors our tutoring to the unique needs of individual students whether they will be entering Algebra I, Advanced Placement BC Calculus or anything in between.  Tutors can also work with students in elementary or middle school who would benefit from a structured math program.

The Summer Math Intensive begins when we help match the student with an experienced and caring tutor who specializes in the area of math that will be most helpful. A parent will then schedule a free 30-minute consultation with the tutor to set a plan of action for 15 sessions aimed at bolstering the past year’s instruction, introducing next year’s topics, or both. We will also try to assess the student’s chief interests in order to relate the sometimes-abstract mathematical concepts to what the student most enjoys thinking about. We recommend that the 15 sessions be completed over six weeks. However, because all work is one-on-one, sessions can be scheduled according to student and tutor availability. Sessions must be completed by August 25, 2022, and students are expected to complete 1-2 hours of homework between sessions.

Cost: $2,600


To schedule a free consultation, please contact us.

Math Intensive Program

  • A free 30-minute initial consult during which a tutor  will discuss program expectations and student needs.

  • 15, 50-minute interactive, discussion-based tutoring sessions.

  • Open to students entering 6th grade and above.

  • Sessions to be completed over six to eight weeks.

Program Tutors:

Lance McNeil

Liz Shooltz

Christy VanOverbeke

Rachel Dan

While our tutors are tightly booked for the summer, the tutors listed currently have availability for the Math Intensive Program.

Cost: $2,600


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