Your PSAT Scores and What They Mean

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What does your PSAT score Mean. Understanding your PSAT scores

What do Your PSAT Scores Mean? This week, most high school sophomores and juniors will receive their PSAT results.  For many juniors, receiving their PSAT results marks the beginning of a concerted push to get ready for the SAT or ACT.  Other juniors may have already begun the test preparation process.  For sophomores, PSAT results… Read more »

Why take the PSAT, and what are National Merit Scholarships?

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Relationship of the PSAT and National Merit Scholarship Explained. In mid-October, high school sophomores and juniors across the country will sit down to take the preliminary SAT (PSAT), a test that assesses students’ math, reading, and grammar capabilities. The PSAT offers students a preview of the SAT’s format and content and serves as a low-stakes… Read more »