Tutoring clients who wish to enroll for a specific tutor should kindly fill out the enrollment form below and choose the tutor they have been in contact with or would like to work with.

If you haven’t decided which tutor you would like to work with, then please click on “Get Started” at the top of this page and let us know how we can help you.

If you have not already scheduled with a tutor, someone from our office will be in contact to help you find the best fit and put you in touch with a tutor so you can arrange a time for your tutoring session(s). All clients must be enrolled before the first tutoring session.

**Please Note: After you complete the enrollment form, you will need to enter your payment information.  Once you click submit, you will then be asked to proceed to the next page, where you will enter your payment information. Please use the same email address associated with your enrollment form.

Our tutors are substantially booked several months in advance. We encourage tutoring clients to approach us well in advance of their start date so that we can ensure a convenient tutoring time.

If you would like to learn more about our services before enrolling or have other questions or concerns, please email or call Alex Evans: [email protected], 301-907-7605.

Test Prep Tutoring Fees

The 2019-2020 rates below are effective for enrollments, after July 1, 2019. All rates apply to only one on one tutoring. Small group tutoring (in groups of two to five compatible students) may be available at lower rates.

Marks Education Tutor Bill Rate (per 50-minute session)

Nitin Sawhney $450  test preparation and academic tutoring
Daniel Bloss $350 test preparation and academic tutoring
Dan Hertz $325 test preparation and academic tutoring
Shaun Stiemsma $300 test preparation and academic tutoring
Anthony Celino $325 test preparation and academic tutoring
Sarah Newport $275 test preparation and academic tutoring
Ryan Blodgett $250 test preparation and academic tutoring
Sara Plunkett $215 test preparation, $170 academic tutoring
Ian Perez $250 test preparation and academic tutoring
Elizabeth Dinning $215 test preparation, $170 academic tutoring
Katharine Laco $215 test preparation, $170 academic tutoring
Burks Echols $215 test preparation, $170 academic tutoring
Christy VanOverbeke $215 test preparation, $170 academic tutoring
Lance McNeil $215 test preparation, $170 academic tutoring
Peter Smith $215 test preparation, $170 academic tutoring
Michael Lawrence $215 test preparation, $170 academic tutoring
Ellie Koo $215 test preparation, $170 academic tutoring


Cancellation Policy

Please note that we have a 24-hour cancellation policy. We bill all “no shows” and appointments canceled at less than 24 hour notice. Additionally, if a student cancels three or more sessions with or without notice, we reserve the right to take him or her off our schedule.