Updates on 2021 Advanced Placement Exams

January 26, 2021, by

AP exams will cover the full AP curriculum

Plan on taking the full-length regularly formatted Advanced Placement (AP) tests this May. Although COVID-19 has continued to disrupt the 2020-2021 school year for most students, the College Board has announced that its 2021 AP exams will be in the same format as usual and will cover the full AP curriculum, unlike the 2020 exams which were shorter and eliminated some content.

College Board will provide full length digital contingency exams

Recognizing the challenges that students are facing this year, the College Board is providing numerous resources to help students prepare for their APs.  First, the company is offering daily videos and pacing guides for every AP course to help students who might be behind in their coursework due to virtual learning. Second, although exams will be available in paper format at schools across the country in May, the College Board will provide “full length digital contingency exams” that can be taken at home if students are unable to take a paper exam due to school closures.

Use the resources provided by the College Board

To access the daily videos, students should go to their AP Classroom accounts.  Students should also look at previous exam papers for years prior to 2020 on the relevant AP Exam website. The College Board posts the free response questions for all previous tests as well as scoring guidelines for those questions. These are an invaluable resource for anyone studying for the exams. To access them, simply google “AP past exam questions” for your course.

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