Nisha Sardella joined Marks Education in November 2009 and leads our graduate school admission counseling service She works with candidates for law school, business school, medical school, and post-baccalaureate pre-medical programs, as well as with applicants for graduate academic degrees and fellowships.

As a cum laude graduate of the National Cathedral School, Nisha has a B.A. magna cum laude in Social Studies from Harvard University and a J.D. from Harvard Law School, where she served as an editor of the Journal of Law and Public Policy and the Harvard Negotiation Law Review. In high school, Nisha was named a National and State AP Scholar, as well as a National Merit Finalist. Her college honors include the John Harvard and Elizabeth Cary Agassiz Scholarships for Academic Distinction.

Nisha currently serves on her local Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) Board, advocating for students with special needs and the programs and policies that affect them, and she also serves on Harvard’s Schools and Scholarships Committee, interviewing candidates for undergraduate admission.
 In the past, Nisha has served as a Big Sister for at-risk youth and as an Alumnae Mentor for Harvard women.

Nisha is a kind and understanding graduate school admission counselor who appreciates the anxiety and stress that the admissions process can evoke. A trained family-law and tax attorney and mediator, she also builds upon her experience counseling and educating individuals who must navigate complex issues and decisions.


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Working with Nisha was a great experience. I attribute a great deal of my acceptance to my top choice medical school to Nisha’s insight and ability . . . Thank you, Nisha!

— Medical Student, University of Maryland, Class of 2019

With Nisha’s help, my son was admitted to the University of Michigan Law School, his first choice. She developed a wonderful, easy rapport with him and brought a fresh perspective to the highly competitive law school admissions process.

Nisha thinks clearly and offers honest assessments, encouraging students to set the bar high and supporting them in their efforts to reach ambitious goals. With her support, my son created a tailored, strategic application plan, developing themes that would inform his “Personal Statement” and other outreach. She provided insightful feedback on essay drafts, advised on recommenders, and offered helpful advice on LSAT testing.

In short, Nisha demystified the law school admissions process, identifying the multiple components for each application and creating a timeline for moving forward. Both my son and I really enjoyed working with her!

— Laurel Pyke Malson, Esq., Washington, DC

Getting the opportunity to work with Nisha Sardella turned the stressful and scary experience of applying to law school into a genuinely enjoyable one. She is extremely smart, confident, funny, and friendly. What’s more, she genuinely understands how nerve-racking the process is and is immensely supportive. Her expert experience was evident from the first meeting that we had. Marks Education improved each of my applications significantly, through editing, proofing, and very thoughtful suggestions. What’s more, Ms. Sardella and the rest of the team at Marks Education just knows how to navigate the process: they know how to break down each step, each objective, and each aspect of what applicants must deliver. This makes a seemingly insurmountable task far more manageable and really does improve the final product of each application. I also found the Marks Education team to be highly responsive to momentary needs. If there was something that needed to be dealt with very quickly, Ms. Sardella and her team always got back to me with time to spare. Ms. Sardella was also extremely flexible in making time to talk with me multiple times per week and accommodating of my full-time work hours despite her busy schedule. All around, this was a fantastic experience. It is expensive, but it is also absolutely worth it. I cannot recommend their services highly enough and would encourage anyone applying to law school to work with them.

— Joe Krakoff