Academic Tutoring


For which subjects do you provide academic tutoring?

We tutor a wide range of academic subjects found in most middle and high schools. We also tutor many college level subjects. We can assist with Algebra, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Economics, English (literature and writing), Geography, Geometry, Government, History, Latin, Physics, Psychology, and Spanish.

Should I purchase a package?

Some tutors offer academic tutoring packages which are paid up front and provide a discount. Packages are helpful if you know that you will need support for a semester or throughout the year. The 15 session package is designed for weekly support over the course of a semester.  The 30 session package is designed for biweekly support over the course of the semester or weekly support over the year.

Do you work with my child’s curriculum?

Yes. If we are assisting a student with a class they are taking in school, we like to get the syllabus and purchase the texts they are using so that we can prepare ahead for the session. We have worked with many schools in the DMV area and are familiar with their class syllabi.

Can I work with a tutor remotely?

Yes. We provide academic tutoring both in person and virtually via zoom.


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