As we near the end of the school year, a lot of high schoolers are sweating over the question, “Should I take the Math 1 or Math 2 Subject Test?”

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Answer explanation videos are an excellent resource for students!


Marks Education is happy to announce a new feature on our website that provides even greater benefits to students using our materials.  We now have video answer explanations (311 so far!)  for many math questions in our Comprehensive Guides to the SAT and ACT.  Got a question about the remainder theorem (one of the more obscure topics tested on the SAT)?  Check out the video explanation for Question #6 in the Polynomial Functions Problem Set of the SAT workbook.

The answer explanation videos for the SAT and ACT are an excellent resource both for students working with a Marks Education tutor and those working independently using our workbooks.  Students working with a tutor can access the videos if they want to go over an explanation from a tutoring session one more time once they get home.  A tutor can also assign students a problem set to do over vacation, for example, and tell them to look at the video explanations as a way of saving time in a session and perhaps reducing the number of overall sessions.  Students using our workbooks independently can use the video explanations in lieu of having a personal tutor.

We believe that our materials are some of the best on the market.  Now, students with limited access to personal tutoring will have the next best thing – they will have explanations for problems provided by Marks Education tutors.  Marks Education tutors wrote all the problem sets in the workbooks, and all our videos are created by our tutors who regularly prepare students for the SAT and ACT.

We are working on providing answer explanations for English and Reading problems in our workbooks, so stay tuned.

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