Sarah Stiemsma

  • College Admissions
  • Essay Support
  • Graduate/Professional

Sarah Stiemsma joined Marks Education in 2021 as an essay specialist. Sarah’s approach to essay
work is energetic, warm, and thoughtful. Her hope is that writing college essays can be a
practice through which students learn something about themselves, a process to enjoy, and a
path to the college of their dreams.

Sarah came to Marks from a career in technical writing combined with many years spent
working with high school and university students in professional development and mentoring.
Sarah’s expertise is in helping students translate their life experiences into a college essay that
paints a vivid and true picture of their life experiences, values, and future goals. She also enjoys
relationships built with many past students, keeping up on their development and careers and
continuing to support them and cheer them on as they take off into the world.

As a mom of five (including two current college students), Sarah understands the busy lives of
high school students and will work with you to develop an achievable plan to complete your
essays while balancing schoolwork and activities, as well as—hopefully—enjoying your senior
year. In addition to raising her kids, Sarah enjoys taking long walks with her husband and their
dog Argos, reading good stories and drinking a good cup of coffee.