Standardized Test Prep

College Admissions

SAT and ACT Preparation

Through individualized one on one SAT and ACT tutoring, Marks Education helps its students raise their test scores at three to five times the national average, not because students are doing more work than anyone else but because we assist students in the areas where they most need it. We help students determine whether the ACT or SAT is better for them, develop a test prep plan for them and help them master necessary content and strategies to achieve their personal best on test day.

We are fully committed to student success. Every year we track all our graduating students’ SAT or ACT score improvements and use them to find our total average score improvement for the year. To our knowledge, no other test prep tutoring company has achieved consistent, verifiable results of this caliber.

Our Process

Step 1

Contact us to set up free baseline tests. The baseline test gives us a snapshot of a student’s strengths and weaknesses and can helps us decide whether the SAT or ACT is the best test for them. We offer free proctoring every week of the year.


Step 2

Schedule a free, 30-minute consultation with a tutor to discuss baseline scores, set up a testing plan, choose best test dates, and discuss overall testing goals.


Step 3

Start tutoring sessions on a day and time convenient for you. Sessions are one hour each and students do one to two hours of homework per week. We provide all materials including workbooks and practice tests.