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It’s one of the most important questions to ask as you begin thinking about your college essay: Does my creativity thrive in a group, or am I more productive on my own?

As a writing teacher, I have seen students transform essays through the collaborative processes of workshopping, peer review, and group discussions; I have also worked with students who do their best thinking on long hikes, in solitary spaces, and even—in one case—while he was asleep!

For most of us, however, where we find our creative best is not always so cut and dried. You might love your group of friends, for example, but sometimes feel that you think so much alike that you need a little distance when you brainstorm. You might be someone who deeply enjoys being alone, but find that the company of others can help you “get out of your head” in ways that help clarify your ideas. No two people do their best work in exactly the same way, which is one reason the tailored essay support we offer at Marks Education helps students get outstanding results.

Brainstorming thoroughly and with an open mind is essential to a strong college essay. And being aware of the settings in which you are at your creative best will help you make the most of the writing process—where thinking outside the box can make the difference between an essay that is read and soon forgotten and an essay that sets your application apart.

Not sure what kind of creative setting is right for you? Try this short quiz:


[su_box title=”What Inspires You?” box_color=”#f7f7bc” title_color=”#0c5976″ radius=”18″]1. When you go out on the weekends, are you usually with a large group of friends? If you answered “yes”, you might thrive in a group setting.

2. When you have a problem, do you typically prefer to solve it on your own? If you answered “yes”, you might prefer one-on-one essay support.

3. Would you consider yourself a very talkative person? If this is a “yes”, the group is for you!

4. Do you enjoy spending time alone with your thoughts? If “yes”, you might thrive in a one-on-one setting. [/su_box]

You can read more about the various ways we can help you through the essay process here, whether you are interested in one-on-one or group support!


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