Preparing For A College Transfer


Thinking of a college transfer?

As the fall semester begins to wind down for college students, some will start to think about the possibility of transferring colleges. Though application deadlines are a few months away, it is important to begin preparing now.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you want to transfer to another college.

Form relationships with your professors.

It’s never too late to develop a rapport with your professors if you are considering transferring colleges. Some colleges ask for two letters of recommendations, some ask for one, and some ask for none. It is better, however, to be prepared If you are in your first year in college, this semester’s professors are who you want to target. Most applications deadlines come in February through March, so there won’t be much time next semester to develop a relationship with a professor and have that person write a letter of recommendation. If your class section is large, utilize your professors’ office hours so they can get to know you. Though some colleges accept a letter of recommendation from a teaching assistant, it is preferred for your actual professor to write it.

Get to know your advisor.

Many colleges and universities require a College Report, which is a form signed by a dean or advisor stating that you are in good academic and social standing. Though completing the answers and signing the form is all that is technically needed, it can be helpful for your advisor or dean to write a letter, or even just a few lines, supporting your application.

Hold on to your course syllabi.

When you are applying for a transfer, some colleges and universities require a copy of a course syllabus and/or course catalog description of each college class taken to date. Make sure you have this information ready to go. If you don’t, there is still time to get copies from your past professors. This information can be extremely helpful for colleges as they award you transfer credit. Not all colleges will have this requirement, but again, better to be prepared.

Confirm your high school’s process for sending transcripts.

You will need to submit a final high school transcript to most colleges and universities as part of the college transfer process. Even if you applied previously during the first-year application process, you still need to send your final transcript so the admissions committee can see your grades through the end of twelfth grade. Give your high school a call to confirm what you need to do. You may need to make a visit to the high school to submit a transcript request form, and you’ll want to know that before heading home for the holidays so you can plan accordingly. Also confirm how long it takes for them to send the transcript and when you need to confirm the colleges on your list.

Now is the time to begin preparing if you are even considering submitting a college transfer application. If you decide later that you do not want to transfer, not a big deal. It is better to be prepared than to scramble at the last moment to put everything that’s together.

If you would like additional advice on the transfer process, please contact us!

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