Standardized Test Prep

Graduate School Admissions


We get that grad school applicants are in a time crunch, balancing work, applications and test preparation so we develop an individualized tutoring program for each of our clients to address their weaknesses and capitalize on their strengths to maximize results in the shortest amount of time.

LSAT Preparation

A small number of points makes a huge difference on the LSAT. Marks Education provides specialized LSAT test prep tutoring that will help hone your skills, build your strategies, and perfect your timing. Our LSAT tutors have all scored in the top 1% on the LSAT, and by sharing their expert test-taking skills they can help you achieve your best score

GRE Preparation

Marks Education’s GRE test prep tutors have taken the actual GRE within the past 2-3 years and scored in the top 1%. Not only are they extraordinary test takers, Marks Education’s tutors are also gifted teachers. Each tutor understands how to help students learn what they need to know and how to most successfully apply their knowledge and strategies on test day. Our GRE prep tutors use detailed knowledge of test content and proven test-taking strategies to allow our students to achieve large improvements with a minimal number of tutoring sessions.

We work with students all over the world applying for business school!

GMAT Preparation

Our GMAT students increase their scores by an average of 75 points! That’s because our GMAT test prep tutors are not only extraordinary test takers but also gifted teachers who routinely take the GMAT themselves to stay current with the evolving format of the test.

Because of our efficient and effective GMAT prep teaching methods, on average, our GMAT students complete GMAT tutoring in 15 sessions or fewer. We have successfully helped a wide range of students: those who have come with low entering scores and test anxiety as well as those with very high initial scores who only needed a handful of tutoring sessions to achieve their target score.

Over a free 30-minute consult, we analyze your baseline test, discuss final target scores, and advise on a step-by-step plan to achieve those scores.Our GMAT prep tutors work with our graduate school admission counselors to develop a testing and admissions timeline with clear goals and deadlines.

Our Process
  • Students do a free consult with a tutor generally before taking a baseline test so that the tutor can go over the different options for testing (e.g. LSAT v. GRE for law school, GMAT v. GRE for MBA programs, etc.) and provide instructions on how to take the baseline test correctly.
  • Students take a digital baseline test at home. The baseline test gives us a snapshot of a student’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Tutor reviews the baseline test and develops a tutoring plan to achieve optimal results. 
  • Tutoring sessions start on a day and time convenient for you.