Test Prep Tutoring Annual Report and Score Improvements

Dear parents,

This is our tenth annual report, highlighting the results of the Marks Education Tutoring Division. We strive to give students and families the best possible personalized attention, and I am happy to report that our students continue to improve at several times the national average after tutoring.  Here are the details: final score improvements, college admission results from Counseling, information about academic tutoring and our new line of books, and, for the next month only, a double referral credit.

Our students’ score improvements: Our high school Seniors in the Class of 2017 improved their SAT scores 270 points and ACT scores 5.9 points (~ 360 SAT points) over their 11th grade PSAT scores. Here are additional details:


Test Incoming Final Improvement
10th PSAT to final SAT 2046 2299 253 Points
11th PSAT to final SAT 1900 2170 270 Points
10th PSAT to final ACT 24.7 (PSAT 168) 31.9 7.2 points (~430 SAT points)
11th PSAT to final ACT 24.7 (PSAT 168) 30.7 6.0 points (~360 SAT points)


  • As always, all score improvements are measured from actual tests published by the makers of each test.
  • For 2016, we managed to obtain beginning and final scores from all of our students. For more details on score improvement methodology, please see our results page.
  • In comparison, according to a comprehensive College Board study, the average student who takes a test prep program gains about 26 points on the old SAT and less than one point on the ACT.  Here are the details.
  • Complete results, including GMAT, GRE, and LSAT improvements, and improvements for those who saw us for a few sessions after having been to other tutoring firms, can be found on our website.


Our non-profit Collegiate Directions: As many of you know, all our tutors donate time to our sister non-profit Collegiate Directions, and the Scholars of our non-profit achieve similar score improvements to those achieved by their more fortunate peers. If you are happy with the work we do with your child, we invite you look into our work with Collegiate Directions and consider donating to them.

College Admissions Results from Counseling: We have been so happy to hear about the many college admissions successes of our Seniors this year! 98% of those who worked with the Counseling team and applied in Early Decision, Early Action, and Rolling Decision pools received acceptances. More details on the schools they will be attending are available here.

The Importance of Academic Support: Every time I speak to parents about test prep, I enquire about grades and the conversation reveals that the student is struggling in Math or Biology, or another academic subject. Parents often don’t realize that, for most selective colleges, a strong academic record over time is more important than standardized test scores. And while standardized tests can be retaken, grades typically can’t be changed.  If your student is inefficient at studying or is struggling academically, we can help. We work with students on almost all academic classes – from Spanish to Latin, from Pre-Algebra to Linear Algebra and Multivariable Calculus. We understand curriculum and study skills; we listen to students, help them organize and prioritize complex assignments, and motivate them.

As AP tests approach, many students benefit from additional practice and individual feedback. If you wish to schedule tutoring sessions to help prepare for AP tests and Subject Tests, please inquire about scheduling now.

Marks Education’s Books: Guides to the New SAT, ACT, and Full-length SAT Practice Tests! Last summer, in response to a dearth of good SAT practice tests, we introduced our first book: Four Realistic SAT Tests. This summer, we will introduce our comprehensive SAT and ACT Preparation Guides. We spend hundreds of hours on perfecting these practice tests and review guides, and in order to benefit the greatest possible number of students, we price our books at cost. Please help spread the word!

May is Double Referral Credit Month! On our recent client satisfaction survey, we were gratified to see that 100% of you reported being very satisfied with our work. Thank you so much for referring your friends to us! Word-of-mouth continues to be our main source of growth. From now until May 31, we are doubling our thank you credit. For every student you refer who enrolls for tutoring services, you receive a $200 credit toward tutoring services with us.

All of us send our best wishes for a relaxing and rejuvenating summer, and we look forward to continuing to work with you.

With best personal regards,

Nitin Sawhney

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