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Anthony Celino has been a full-time tutor for the last 19 years, preparing students for their SATs, ACTs, PSATs, and APs, and instructing students in Math and English classes at all levels. He has achieved perfect scores on all sections of the ACT, SAT, and SAT subject tests, and has taught high school Math and English in Massachusetts and New York. Anthony came to Marks Education in 2013 from One-to-One Tutoring on Long Island, New York, where his patience and easy-going nature earned him a full roster of devoted clients who would often see him for three or four years in a row. Now the Director of Marks Education’s D.C. office, Anthony has trained many of our tutors and managed several of our resource projects test prep materials.

The son of a teacher and tutor, education is in Anthony’s blood. He tutored underclassmen during his final two years of high school, while also competing at local, state, and national Mathletes competitions, editing two literary magazines, and winning multiple gold medals at the Long Island Math Fair.

Anthony then went on to study Math Education and English at Boston University. While there, he participated in the Alternative Spring Break program, which included tutoring and mentoring at-risk teenagers in southern Florida. After graduating Magna cum Laude from BU, he went on to receive a Master of Arts in Writing from Queens College.

Anthony has written manuals for both AB and BC Calculus and has co-authored an advanced SAT Math study guide and all of the Marks Prep ACT and SAT books. He enjoys writing fiction, hiking, and kayaking around the Chesapeake Bay area with his wife, his daughter, and his dog Bryson.

Anthony has found that students who struggle in classroom or test-taking environments often crave a relaxed, one-on-one experience to catch themselves up and feel like they can have their questions answered without being judged or pressured. His clear, directed, friendly approach has helped hundreds of students raise their grades in school and find the confidence to perform to their highest potential on tests.


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Thank you Anthony, I sincerely appreciate your help. I can tell that you genuinely care about your students, the characteristic that separates a good teacher from the rest. I have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, working with you..

— Nick Gonzales, Freeport, MI

I greatly appreciate what Anthony did to help me reach the level I did. It is with great joy that I tell you that next year I’m going to Dartmouth. I am very excited to pursue my athletics and academics there next year.

— Ellie Gonzalez, Baltimore, MD

Anthony Celino is an amazing tutor and also a very nice person who works well with both the students and their parents. He is able to discern from practice tests where the student needs to focus his/her efforts in order to improve standardize test scores and tailors the tutoring sessions to systematically tackle weak areas. The improvement in test scores is proof of his effectiveness. I highly recommend him.

— Tutoring Client, Md.