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  • Economics
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  • HSPT
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  • Math
  • PSAT
  • SAT
  • SSAT

Nitin Sawhney started the tutoring division of Marks Education in 2006. In addition to his tutoring responsibilities, Nitin directs instructor hiring and training, curriculum development, and business management for the tutoring division of Marks Education.

Nitin has been an educator since 1998 and, in this time, he has taught and tutored high-school Math and Economics, college English, and most U.S. standardized tests, from the SSAT and ISEE to the SAT, GRE, GMAT, and LSAT. He has worked with thousands of students across the United States and nine foreign countries. Nitin takes the SAT and ACT at least once a year, the SAT Subject tests, GRE, and GMAT frequently, and regularly scores in the 99th percentile or gets perfect scores.

Nitin has been the key developer of Marks Education’s test preparation approach, which regularly helps students improve 1 to 2 standard deviations. He has worked with a wide range of students – from students with learning disabilities to those who are starting in the 700s on the SAT or GMAT and aiming for a perfect score, from students with debilitating test anxiety to those who suffer from a surfeit of confidence. He especially enjoys working with students who have greater than usual challenges and he has been very successful with this population.

Nitin reads zealously about the effects of aerobic exercise, meditation, sleep, and diet upon performance. He enjoys running, swimming, and meditating, and has helped many students to use meditation and exercise to manage stress and succeed on tests. Nitin also directs our pro bono test preparation and tutoring program for scholars of Collegiate Directions, Inc. (CDI) and the work with our partner organizations. Nitin has a B.A. in English and Economics from Wesleyan University in Connecticut. He also holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Maryland.


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When our daughter saw the results of her SATs she exclaimed, “Nitin is a god!” While we wouldn’t put it that way, we were equally happy, not only with the SAT and AP outcomes, but also watching our daughter approach the tests with calm confidence instead of high stress.

— Mary Lou Steptoe and Peter Carson, Chevy Chase, MD

Nitin is a gifted educator, a master of test preparation, and a kind, encouraging instructor. He was able to analyze the manner in which our daughter learns and provide guidance about how to become a better test taker as well as student in the high school classroom. Nitin was always available for questions by phone or email and consistently had a plan, which made our daughter feel confident before the ACT. Although she is glad that her test-preparation days are over, our daughter misses tutoring with Nitin at Marks Education.

— Martie Adelman and Marc Schneider

I would like to give the highest recommendation for Nitin for SAT tutoring. Nitin is a phenomenally knowledgeable person who seems to know a lot about everything, Math, philosophy, world history and creative writing. I am amazed by his intellect and the wonderful way he imparts his knowledge to his students. Nitin is calm, when test time is near, giving encouragement and confidence to his students. He also seems to know what each individual student needs. He recommends practice SATs for some students, while holding back on this idea for others who may not need it. Nitin is amazing, and we are so lucky to have had him to prepare our son for the SAT and Subject Tests. We will use him again for our daughter who is a rising Junior, and, believe it or not, our daughter is looking forward to working with Nitin. Getting our children to go to Nitin is not a battle, it has been a pleasure.

— Deborah Motley, McLean, VA