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It’s Easier to Apply for—and Complete—a Joint JD-MBA Degree Than Ever Before


Applying to a joint JD-MBA degree explained

In a world where global commerce and rapid technological growth has become the norm, the realms of business and law increasingly overlap. And each year at Marks Education, we advise more and more college graduates who are preparing for careers at the intersection of law, policy, and management by enrolling in joint JD-MBA programs. Several top law and business schools now offer these dual degree options, and many enable students to complete a joint JD-MBA degree in fewer than the traditional five years. Some programs—including those at Northwestern, Penn, Columbia, and Yale—even allow students to enter the job market after just three years of study.


More flexible testing options when applying for a joint JD-MBA

If you’re thinking about applying to a joint program, it pays to read the fine print—particularly when it comes to standardized tests. Recently, more flexible testing requirements have made applying for a joint JD-MBA degree simpler than ever at many universities. As more law schools are allowing applicants to take the GRE in place of the LSAT, many law and business programs are accepting the GRE as the sole entrance exam for the JD-MBA, with a handful of schools also accepting the GMAT for the joint degree. And while most JD-MBA programs require prospective students to submit an application to both the law and business schools, candidates can apply to the accelerated three-year JD-MBA programs at Northwestern and Penn through a single application.

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If you’re considering a joint degree in law and business, use the chart below as a resource to compare programs and map out your plan for the application process. ****The chart below contains updated application information as of April 23, 2020.****

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